Using the Power Of Subconscious Mind to Make a Difference in Your Life

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Just in case you didn’t already know, your mind is like a magnet. What it thinks and sees, it will eventually attract. There is this thing that is called the law of attraction, and it deals very strongly with mind power. It’s about the power of belief and believing that something good will happen rather than letting life roll you downstream like a pebble in the current. This is the amazing facts behind mind power! And by the way, this is something that we all have. We all have the ability to use our mind power to the best of our ability and outcomes. However, most of us don’t because we just don’t think we can. Yet, researchers have shown that we only use about 10% of our brainpower.

Don’t you think that’s crazy? Most of us stick with the tried and true, things we only know, and that’s what we live with. Even if there have been successful moments in your life, most of the negative ones end up being more memorable. What it comes down to though is people just don’t like change. When life can be simplified, many individuals believe this is enough. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, and it’s time to make a change. Start to use your mind power!

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A doctor knows how powerful one’s mind is, and may actually think telling you will cause side effects; through the power of your subconscious mind. Therefore, a doctor may minimize these negative things, in the hopes that you won’t experience them. Suggesting them, in other words, may increase your chances of having side effects. And of course, they also want you to be compliant with taking the medication, so that’s another reason to minimize the negative effects of the drug. The power of suggestion combined with subconscious mind power equals incredibly powerful results.

This does not only work in the medical realm but in all aspects of life. It’s most commonly known as the power of suggestion, but if you take it one step further, you will unleash unlimited amounts of potential.

Coming down to the most spiritually advanced place in the world, the great mountain range of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Tibet, one can say that this vast place radiates with positive energy and hence is called the seat of spirituality in the ancient East. Sadhus and monks who renounce everything that is worldly reside here in the nooks and corners spending their lives in harnessing the powers of the mind and being experts at it. The word famous pilgrimage of India named Kumbh Mela (Annual), Ardha Kumbh Mela (once in 6 years) and Purna Kumbh Mela (once in 12 years) is that time when one can see these great souls and their special abilities openly when they all come down to take a holy dip in the Ganges.

Although you may not even have considered it before; learning how to use the power of your mind is vitally important to having a great life! Obviously it is better to have your assets working for you instead of working against you. There are a couple of methods which can help you to learn to access your own latent mental powers.

If you want to use the power of the mind to accomplish something, it’s best to have a specific goal; for example, if you’d like to become wealthy, set your mind on a specific amount instead of being well off in general.

Once the goal is set, focus your mental actions on achieving that goal. Keep the effort constant; don’t do it in bursts and lags. Of course many people already know all about their own mind power. Whenever they want anything they focus on what they want and keep working on their goal physically and mentally until they have achieved it. These people who are able to channelize their mind power in fact people with great mental stature. As their starts working and goes forward with the task of achieving the goal, the other energies are also channelized towards the same. Thus the combination of energies help to great extent and this theory may not be easy to grasp since in reality it seems too easy to attain.

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